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vendredi 18 janvier 2019

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mercredi 16 janvier 2019

  • Cancer Is Not a Disease in Itself but the Outcome of Some Kind of Internal Disturbance
    Dr. Suhail Shiekh explains that suppressed or unresolved anger, grief and other emotions can suppress the immune system, alter gene expression and lead to cancer and other diseases. He states that anger toward another person, is like you taking poison and expecting other person to (...)

  • Causticum: A New Approach to an Old Truth
    Karl-Heinz Jansen and Dirk Thomas Quak First published in AHZ 4 2018; 263: 1–15, translated by Chris Kurz, with permission of the Georg Thieme Verlag KG Stuttgart. New York Summary The homeopathic materiamedica of Causticumdescribed by Hahnemann is, due to the mixing of the symptoms of “Tinctura (...)

  • En hiver, pensez cure solaire
    Occupé à préparer la revue Néosanté du mois de février, je découvre l’article rédigé par notre consultant-naturopathe Jean-Brice Thivent pour sa rubrique « Avantage Nature ». Son thème ? L’héliothérapie, autrement dit la méthode thérapeutique consistant à prendre d’authentiques bains de soleil. Si vous pensez (...)

lundi 14 janvier 2019

  • Psoriasis in a Man of 44
    Dr.  Nisha Bhatt presents a case of psoriasis of the feet in a man of 44. Hisanxiety of conscience and feeling “as if guilty of crime” along with hisbeing reserved, religious and with amelioration by music indicated the simillimum.

  • Hydrocele in a Young Child
    Dr. Beena Desai treats a young male child for hydrocele. Sulphur seemed indicated by craving for lime and condiments, by constipation and hydrocele. She took a creative approach to find the actual simillimum

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