Séminaire sur les pathogénésies (Jean Pierre JANSEN)

mardi 17 août 2010
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Date : 12 novembre 2010 de 9 h 30 à 17 h 30

Descriptif : The Subcommittee for Homeopathic Provings of the European Committee for Homeopathy (ECH) is glad to announce a workshop in Brussels on the organisation and conduction of homeopathic provings.

We have written the ‘ECH Guidelines for Provings’, that comply to the standards that are accepted in the homeopathic community, and at the same time comply to the regulations of the European Union’s authorities concerning good clinical practice. Based on these guidelines approval from a national medical ethical board is feasible. This means that homeopathic provings can be better presented officially as medicines, because they produce a precise and safe outcome. Thus we hope to help stimulate the integration of homeopathy in conventional health care.

The aim of the ECH is to enhance the conduction of provings in all member states of the EU. We plan a workshop in different European countries each half year, this time in Brussels (see also www.homeopathyeurope.org).

Subjects of the workshop :

• how to organise a proving

• the training of supervisors and provers

• the actual proving and recording it

• the compilation and publication of the proving results

• how to do the necessary paper work for the competent authorities (medical ethical board), in compliance with your national and European regulations

The workshop is intended for :

• homeopaths who want to receive knowledge and training, as a prover or as a supervisor. The workshop is useful for education in homeopathic schools as part of the basic training

• homeopaths who consider to organise provings as a co-ordinator or initiator

• board members and officials of homeopathic organisations and schools, who consider to stimulate the conduction of provings in their organisation or school

Format of the course :

A. Before the workshop :

• Some work is needed for an efficient workshop.

• For co-ordinators and initiators : Find out about your national law on medical ethical approval

• For all participants : Reading an actual (short) proving

B. Lecture day :

• Homeopathic philosophy of provings, esp. Organon, Hering, Sherr

• Modern scientific and methodological considerations on provings

• Summary of formal requirements by the European (and maybe Hungarian) competent authorities, and how they can be integrated into the homeopathic framework

• Organisation of a proving

• The training of supervisors

• The instruction of provers

• Exercises to train the work during the proving itself

• Extraction, compilation and publication. Clinical verification

• Attention to preserving the spirit of homeopathy and at the same time honouring modern scientific methodology.

• The relevant texts in the ECH Proving Guidelines and a model protocol will be outlined.

C. Follow up :

It is the purpose of this workshop to initiate the conduction of provings. The preparation of a proving takes many months, and during this preparation phase many questions will come up for the co-ordinators of provings. Proving co-ordinators may have a need to clarify certain aspects and may need for a forum to discuss their work. The ECH can provide this forum by providing contact with experienced proving co-ordinators and committee members who have knowledge about specific EU-regulations. During the workshop we can start this contact.

The ECH Subcommittee for Provings hopes that it can serve you with this program, thus helping to grow homeopathic knowledge and recognition.

Lieu : Hilton hotel, Bruxelles

Orateur : Jean Pierre JANSEN

Jean Pierre Jansen works in private homeopathic practice in Groningen, The Netherlands since 1988, and is coordinator of the ECH Subcommittee for Provings.

His personal experience regarding provings is based on co-ordinating several Hahnemannian provings, based on instruction by Jeremy Sherr and using the ECH Guidelines for Homeopathic Provings.
He enjoys the moment, when the picture of a new remedy emerges from the first reports given by the provers, and is inspired by a quotation from Constantin Hering.

Informations et renseignements : Send an e-mail to Jean Pierre JANSEN.

We allow a limited number of participants. Therefore, subscribe as early as possible.

Write in the e-mail your professional activities and your motivation to follow this course. Include your experience with provings, if present.
You will receive more information in reply.

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